Sunday, August 21, 2011

Six Days and Counting

Only six more days to the wedding and most of the planning is done. Of course that does not mean there are not things to be concerned over! First and foremost is Irene. If you're not up on the weather, tropical storm Irene may be upgraded to a hurricane and is going to go just south of Puerto Rico tomorrow morning.....just after our flight is supposed to depart from Chicago. Ugh. Will they update the departure status or anything before we leave the house? Probably not. Could be a long day of traveling. Oh yeah, the weather service is preparing to upgrade Irene from a tropical storm to a hurricane. Excellent. Hey, better now than on the weekend right?

Quotes are coming in on the drywall reconstruction and the carpet replacement. It looks like we'll use the same guys we used before on the carpeting and the drywall is still up in the air. After we get back from the honeymoon, LL is home for about a week and then goes to Hong Kong, so I'm hoping I can have everything back in place by the time she gets back from that trip. Seems doable.

Ok, back to packing! I hope to catch up on blogs while I'm down in PR!


el supremo de nm said...

I was watching the weather and I was thinking the same thing. Hope all goes by before your guys get there.

terri said...

I can't believe the wedding is almost here already! I'll be praying for good weather and beautiful days for the big event!

alexis said...

I think we can forgive you if you're not caught up on blogs before your wedding! Priorities.