Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Married Tomorrow!

The big day is almost here! The weather in Puerto Rico is as expected, no remnants of Irene. The power has been on at the hotel since Wednesday night, so the guests were not inconvenienced at all. The destination wedding continues to reinforce itself as the way to go:

Wednesday evening, the 5 guests, LL and I went to dinner together at Cafe Puerto Rico, which sounds like it would be lame but they have awesome food. It's really a must if you hit Old San Juan. Before we were seated, we went to Aqua Viva and visited the bartender, Mikey, who took care of us in May when we visited. He made great drinks again and gave us some free calamari appetizers. Can't beat Mikey!

Thursday about half the guests arrived in the afternoon and 30 of us went to dinner at Barachina, one of the few places where 30 people wouldn't fill the entire restaurant. They also claim to be home to the pina coloda, that may be true or not, but they make an awesome one!! It was great to just hang out with everyone and visit and catch up. Afterwards, we continued hanging out at the hotel in an open air area near the honor bar. Around 11:30 we called it a night as many folks had been traveling that day.

Today a group of 12 of us went to breakfast at Bonbonerra. They serve an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on a grilled Mallorca roll that is unbelievable. Rachel Ray and Andrew Zimmerman both have given it a big thumbs up. Another must eat place.

A bunch of the gals went to get a mani-pedi and are happily catching up I'm sure.

So instead of just spending a few minutes with each of the guests, we've already had 2 or 3 meals with many of them and drinks with just about everyone. THAT'S what we were hoping our wedding weekend would be like!


alexis said...

amen to that! Enjoy time with the guests and enjoy yourselves. I wish you all the best in advance of your special day. Can't wait to see the pictures and wish we cold be there!

el supremo de nm said...

Glad the Irene did not screw things up. Doubly glad you are enjoying yourself so much. All the best to you and LL.