Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Computer hostage day 5/week 3

The virus my computer got is apparently something fairly virulent as they've had my computer for five days and have been working on it for three. They called me today and said they still need two more days....crap!!!

My wireless isn't working, but I'm going to try to address that problem either right after this entry or tomorrow. I was waiting to get my desktop computer back, but LL needs it to work at home so I'm going to try and getting it running and then see what happens when the computer is fixed.

Have you ever gone out for fondue? Last year I got a $100 gift certificate to a fondue restaurant here called Gejas (gay-hoz) and it expires this month, so LL and I decided to take my neighbors (who were also flooded) out for the night (after Ricardo screwed up our plans to go with him and Jodi). This place was very expensive!! It was $45-$52 per person for salad, some fruit and bread to dip in cheese and entrees of meat/shrimp/scallops/chicken and veggies to cook in oil and then some fruit and such to dip in chocolate. It's not that much food and you do all the cooking! Many, many better options in the city for food than this place. And the service was brutal. They were very attentive, but they kept trying to serve all four of us from over one person's shoulder and reaching across the table instead of walking around. Anytime they brought something or took it away (which was constantly!) a waiter was reaching in front of you. I hate that.

At the end of the meal I went to get the certificate out of the envelope in which I received it, and it wasn't there. Ugh. I had taken it out to "make sure" I didn't forget it. So I had to leave LL with our neighbors and dive home to get it and drive back. Fortunately the restaurant is only about 10 minutes away.

Thus came to an end what should have been a much nicer meal and evening which I guess is a fitting cap to a particularly frustrating week.


alexis said...

yeah I am also not really keen on fondue restaurants. I think it's fun at home but you just end up eating a lot of cheese and getting a stomach ache.

Hope your computer woes come to an end shortly!

el supremo de nm said...

Ditto on fondue restaurants. And I really, really hate bad service.

Can't believe how bad this computer thing has been.