Monday, March 16, 2009


The primary topic of the homily at church on Sunday was "zeal". It was actually an interesting monologue on how zeal can be a very good thing, but being a zealot or over-zealous is not. There's a line. But the pastor postulated that most of us do not even approach zeal for our religion or most things in our lives.

It made me think, what am I zealous about? For what do I have zeal? It's an interesting question. After personal relationships, which I won't delve into, Bears football was one of the first things that jumped to that wrong? Softball clearly is something I'm zealous about. Writing, for pleasure, and watching television are things I do with some zeal. Having nice, affordable meals are certainly a passion, but dare I say a zeal as well?

Am I zealous about helping small businesses? At times, I definitely have zeal for it. Can you have part time zeal? Or are you only zealous about something while you're doing it?

Do I have a zeal for helping people in general? Acts of charity? I certainly try to do those things, but do I do them often enough to count as having zeal? Probably not. Though I am very interested in my church and my church community, I probably am not zealous about Catholicism as I do not agree with several of their teachings.

I could meander through this conversation, so instead I'll ask you to have it with yourself. For what do you have zeal?

BTW, thanks for your responses yesterday, even those which I deleted. Helpful comments to read....except for ESDNM whose comment was just funny!


alexis said...

I guess passion and zeal are used interchangeably? I think I have a zeal for being alive most times. It is something you have to work at - I don't think we always think of that. We assume it should come easily, but I don't think that's always true.

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

My thought is zeal is like passion on steroids Alexis. Just taking it up a notch.

Dalai Mama said...

I am zealous about traveling to new places and hanging out with the locals. Trip planning gives my family something to look forward to year round. Next up, we are headed to Edinburgh for the 60th Military Tattoo. We’ve spent St Patrick’s in Bangkok, Palm Sunday in Vernazza, Easter in Athens- it really is fun. And it does not have to be far- New Year’s Day in Philly at the Mummer’s Day Parade was the best so far. The world is full of wonderful people, you just have to get out there and meet them.