Sunday, March 08, 2009

Some interesting research(?)

If you missed my Friday post, take a gander before you leave my blog today.

Something unusual happened in the sports world the other day. The University of Pittsburgh had never before beaten a #1 rated team in basketball. It happened on Saturday, for the second time this month (!) when they beat the UConn Huskies, which was also rated #1 earlier this month when Pittsburgh beat them. Twice in a month Pittsburgh beats the #1 rated UConn Huskies after never having beaten a #1 rated team. Pretty cool.

Did you watch The Simpsons tonight? They mention Bart's actual birthday! He was born two days after Homer's Mardi Gras party, which is on the eve of Ash Wednesday. So we now know he was born on the first Thursday of Lent. The Simpsons debuted on The Tracy Ulman Show in April of 1987 at which time Bart was, and remains, 10 years old so he was born in 1977. With Easter on April 10th of that year, by my calculations, Ash Wednesday should have been February 23rd and Bart's birthday February 24th. Research is fun!!

Things I'm grateful for:
#101 Malls, for when the weather is nasty.
#102 The World Baseball Classic........just kidding. Damn that thing is stupid. How about no flooding in my basement despite a ton of rain this weekend?
#103 My cell phone more and more each day. Not only did I call Joisey Ken last night, but it helped me find IKEA today.....ok, maybe I shouldn't be so grateful for it.


stef said...

Double yay for no flooding! We got a weensy bit of seepage but were able to stay right on top of it.

el supremo de nm said...

Any body who beats UConn - booooooo