Monday, March 02, 2009

Some more softball pics

In my post yesterday, I forgot to mention my new nickname for when I make a nice play: "Benjamin Sutton", a play on the reverse aging Benjamin Button movie. Pretty funny actually. Last year, the coach would yell "40 is the new 30". Now it appears to be "Benjamin Sutton!!"

Today we're going to see the White Sox play in their new facility. It's supposed to be 90!! Beats the heck out of 25 and snow in Chicago. Ugh. It's March second for cripe's sake!!!

I found out that we officially did tie for 7th and the teams that beat us finished 3rd and 5th respectively. One guy, Jack-in-the-Box, on our team had an on base percentage (obp) of something approaching .900, which is outstanding. Yours truly was humbly in second at .631, well, I guess not so humbly huh? Our team was over .500 though, which is pretty good. If we hadn't hit into so many double plays in that last game, we might have been able to advance further.

Yankee Stadium sign.

Yankee Stadium. No Memorial Park though....a little disappointing. We played on this field and there were two inside the park home runs. Some crazy bounces.


The big Green Monster. I don't know how far away it was, but you do have to clear it for a home run.

Right Field at Fenway.
Sportsman's Park in St. Louis. It looked cool, but like Fenway, we didn't get to play on this field.
Another game was going on when I shot this pic of the outfield at Sportsman's.
The old Polo Grounds of NY.
Nice scoreboard.
I think the field was bigger than the others, but not by as much as the real Polo Grounds was bigger than regular stadiums.
Have to go watch some baseball. More pics tomorrow!!


stef said...

So.jealous.of.the. WARMTH

el supremo de nm said...

Polo Grounds? Ebbetts Field?

What do they think that all the softball players are over 70?

Desiree said...

I love these ballparks. I'm jealous.