Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting my sick on

Ugh, me with a cold is no fun. After going to bed early, taking Nyquil and sleeping well, I was worse off today that I was yesterday. Not sure how it worked out that way.

I fought through the day though (kudos to Ricardo and ESDNM for surviving it) and even made it to dinner (check ESDNM's blog for some pics). Hopefully tomorrow will go better.

Things I'm grateful for:
#116 Nyquil and it's lovely day-time companion, Dayquil.
#117 Puffs Ultra.
#118 1/2 price wine night when ESDNM is in town.


stef said...

Good thing you drank a lot of wine. That ought to heal you right up! ;)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

It may appear that way stef, but I only had one glass of that very good wine ESDNM picked out. I thought of it as pre-Nyquil.