Monday, March 30, 2009

The Jig is up!!

The cat is out of the bag. The horse is out of the barn. Hmmm, I couldn't think of another trite expressions. That's a shame. Seems like there should be more than those three. Maybe I'm just having a brain cramp. Anyway, the young lady I've been seeing, as mentioned here, has fessed up to reading my blog though it didn't all really go according to plan nor was it as funny as I hoped. It was a valiant effort though so thanks to those who played along.

Not sure if you watch the show Two and a Half Men or not, but they are really on the vanguard of FCC permitted dialogue. Don't get me wrong, it was funny as hell, but I was surprised they got some of their dialogue through the sensors. I'm sure you can watch the episode at, or will be able to in a few days.

Today I saw an article that talked about what Play-Doh was originally used for. Any idea what that was? I'm assuming it wasn't called Play-Doh, but the answer is here.

First peanut butter and now pistachios?? I don't even think I understand how salmonella can be spread through pistachios. Kraft found them in "roasted pistachios". How the hell does it survive what I assume is a very high temperature involved with the roasting process?? Oh wait, the article holds the answer: "For nuts, roasting is supposed to kill the bacteria. But problems can occur if the roasting is not done correctly or if roasted nuts are re-contaminated. That can happen if mice, rats or birds get into the facility." Ugh.

And last, but certainly not least, a public Happy Birthday to my mom!!! Her birthday is today, Monday, though you will read this on Tuesday at the earliest. Happy Birthday to my good friend Liesl too, though I don't think she reads my blog. Covering my bases though!!!


alexis said...

so when do we get pics of your young lady??

ddeJesusFreak said...

So did you tell her about . . . you know?

stef said...

pistachios? That is crazy! And I'm glad your girl came clean, although me thinks those sorts of tricks never come off the right way- and you're lucky nothing bad came out of it!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Not sure when the pics will be cleared for posting Alexis. Might be "distance" shots for a while.