Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Big number 43 started off on Friday while I watched NCAA games with some friends: Ricardo, Billy, Smitty, JC and new wife as well as two friends I haven't seen in a long time from my co-ed football days. There were good games on so the night was a big success.

Unfortunately, when I went to bed on Friday night, I had a bit of tickle in my throat. It seems that maybe St. Paddy's Day and working out on Wednesday and Thursday was a bit much for my aging body. Or I just picked up a germ somewhere. Who knows? Saturday I slept in a bit and felt good enough for the day's adventures: a trip to Woodfield Mall, a movie and dinner.

At the mall I bought myself a bevy of birthday presents! Most of what I bought was softball related stuff, but I also bought new jeans and some stuff for the condo. Another packed day at the mall though. No recession there!

Then I went to see I love you, Man. It was a pretty good movie, nice premise, but Rudd's character is a little over the top at times. One thing that struck me in the movie is how much Sarah Burns looks like Alexis!! Here's her pic:

If I had a comparable pose with Alexis in it, I'd post it here next to her. If you see this movie and know Alexis, you'll know what I mean.

For dinner I headed down to Blue Island to a place I haven't been in about four or five years: the Maple Tree Inn. They specialize in Cajun style food and plenty of good beer. It's a really good, local-feeling place to go, though it's not too local for me.

Today I continue to recuperate basically moved from my sofa to go to church and work at the computer. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Thank you to those who serenaded me this weekend! My sister, Sue, and my niece Sommer, called me at 12:02 a.m. on my birthday to sing me happy birthday.....the grade school version with " live in a zoo...."My folks showed off their vocal skills at a more reasonable hour of the morning, and it was the nice version!! :-)


alexis said...

thanks for the shout out! I think she had a little help with her hair, but otherwise we are SPOT ON! ;)

Joisey Ken said...

Happy belated Birthday Buddy! I cant believe nobody wanted to go in on the star with me :-(

stef said...

I see the resemblance

Dalai Mama said...

Happy belated Birthday Joe! A tradition among a few of my friends... since a day is obviously too short for proper observance of such a special event, turn the whole week into a celebration of your new year (ie Joefest). Hope you had a great day and week ahead-

DogBrian said...

Ooh, I'm jealous, the Maple Tree Inn. What a great spot. Did you get the oysters and the jalapeno corn muffin? I'm glad that you had a great day!

el supremo de nm said...

So Sarah Burns eats lettuce with butter spray???

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

I'm glad no one would join you Ken, but what a funny idea!

Dalai Mama, I'm always open to birthday celebrations!!

I couldn't remember if it was the oysters that I was supposed to try or not DogBrian!!! I saw them, but they didn't sound right. I asked the owner what appetizer was featured and he pointed me in a different direction. Not sure I was up for the oysters having a cold and all.