Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gonna sick like it's 1999.....

To bed early. Sleep in a bit later. Lots of fluid. Nyquil at night. Dayquil during the day. And I end up feeling WORSE!!!!

It was an awful day and hopefully I was able to avoid getting Ricardo or ESDNM sick. I avoided any physical contact with my clients and told them I was sick which is why I didn't shake their hands. Interestingly, two of the people we met with were sick as well!

So last night I was making some hot tea and thought about all of the references to lemon juice that I had seen lately. People emailed me to drink it in my tea.....CNN had an article on detoxifying yourself using hot water and lemon juice. So I thought I would put some lemon juice in my hot tea.

Where is that lemon juice?
Do I even HAVE lemon juice?
Sure I do...I think.
Yep, there it is. Third shelf on the door.
Hmmmm, did I buy this?
How old is this bottle?
Maybe I'll just have the tea without lemon juice today.


alexis said...


a historic fiction I read noted Caesar as drinking every morning drinking a concoction of vinaeger and lemon juice. It was a cureall, sounds more disgusting than lemon in tea so maybe stick with that

Dalai Mama said...

Ah, colds, now there I have a little experience... try GREEN tea, chicken noodle soup and Epson salt baths. The soup helps balance the body's fluids that go awry when we are sick. The epson salt bath helps with aches (great even when not sick). Careful on exercise, may spread the virus through your body which is easier for immune system to attack when getting better but harder if still on the decline. Good luck!

stef said...

How about just buying a lemon?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Buying a lemon?? How much tea would I have to drink to use an entire lemon? Plus I'd have to go to the store and being sick and working, I don't have time to go to the bank or get stamps, so the store is right out!

Next time I'm there though, I will get a small replacement bottle. :-)

DogBrian said...

On a tropical island one time, my companion was sick and the locals kept giving him tea with a lime wedge. They swore by it. ;-) Also, good in beer!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

That was tough DogBrian! Sitting in the shade on a tropical island, 80 degrees, sipping hot tea with lime because I could barely move. Ugh. Sometimes I'm not the best travel companion! :-(

el supremo de nm said...

You don't need any lemon - you're sour enough as is :)