Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another beautiful day in Phoenix

It was a bright and balmy upper 80 degree day for our Sox game yesterday and the same is expected for our Cubs game. The Sox game had so few people at it, maybe 2,000, that you could yell at anyone on the field, if you had my voice at least, and they would hear you. Pretty funny. For the record, we like the third base coach for the Sox, Cox was his name, what a good sport. I was getting on everyone. I'm not sure the fans knew what to do with me, or C-Biscuit, our team manager who was just going nuts. Since we "tailgated" in the parking lot before the game, we didn't have a chance for many autographs. Sorry Stef! Tailgaiting involved just sitting the drinking beer and putting pictures of each other on our phones. Ha!

You'd think these games would be cheap, especially since the regulars, if they play at all, only play half the game. But nope. Parking is $5, but really it should be free. Water is $3.75, a beer is $6.50, a margarita is $8. It's insane. Same prices you would pay at any pro ballpark. We hear the beer at Ho Ho Kam where the Cubs play is $11!! I'm not going to be drunk if that's the deal.

Here is a rendering of the complex with all of the field names.

Ebbets Field, at least in center field.

Left field at Ebbets Field, the old Brooklyn ball yard.

Left field at the Anaheim Angels stadium. I guess they included this in order to attract people from California with the possibility of playing there.

Here's a better shot of the rock formation in center. Pretty cool.

Again, The B.O.B. was included for obvious reasons. "The B.O.B." was short for Bank One Ballpark, though now it's Chase Field anyway.

The center field home run line at The BOB caused many problems. Unless you look at a ball hitting there from the side, you can't tell if it's above or below the painted yellow line, just like in the real thing!! Since we only had one ump and he was the furthest person from the play, it wasn't good. He was 50% on his calls though. I'm sure they strive for a higher accuracy than that!!

Left field in The BOB.

Tomorrow I should have pics from the Sox game and the Cubs game.

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stef said...

I am just jealous of all the sunshine in these pics. You'/re gonna have a tan when you get back aren't you?