Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicago punked!

Welcome to Chicago at the end of March. Good Lord. Very sloppy, very wet snow....probably about 3 inches of the crap. Made it really nice to just walk down the street as periodically you'd get a slush ball on the noggin from an overhanging tree.

These first two pictures were taken out my window.

On my way to Starbucks, I saw this unfortunate bike. No where to ride it today!!

The other night on Jimmy Kimmel (or possibly Jimmy Fallon) two guests were Streeter and Amir, the authors of Prank Wars. These guys just set up the funniest pranks ever on each other. The two I've seen were hysterical. In the first one, Amir flashed up a proposal from Streeter to his girlfriend at Yankee Stadium while Streeter and his girlfriend were there. You see the end of that prank and the next basketball contest prank here. Good stuff.


stef said...

At least the snow melted quickly. Or is mostly melted. Although the weekly forcast is not encouraging.

el supremo de nm said...

Can I say...glad it didn't happen while I was there?