Thursday, January 31, 2013


First, happy birthday to my wonderful wife LL! Love you!!

I've never been an early adopter of technology. There's no 3-D TV in the house. For the longest time I only had a cell phone for emergencies. There's still a VCR hooked up to our TV. They stopped supporting the model of receiver I use. You get the picture. Having an Iphone though has moved me down the "adopter" timeline. Because of my comfort with the phone and online transactions and such, I've changed my banking habits to...well, the recent decade at least as far as everyone else is concerned. Paying bills online, sending checks online and now...depositing checks through my phone. Yep, just like the commercials. Someone mentioned it to me the other day when I said I had a bunch of checks to deposit but hadn't made it to the bank yet. So I downloaded my bank's app and registered. All I had to do was enter the amount of the check, take a picture of the front and back and click "deposit". Not too shabby. The irony is that I had already gone to the bank and the bank's ATM rejected two of the checks as unreadable. Those two checks were the ones I deposited via my phone. Worked like a charm!!


terri said...

I usually wait and see how the general public reacts to new technology. Once it's become well known and accepted and the bugs are worked out, I'll jump on board too.

The banking technology, though, makes you wonder how long banks will continue to process transactions in person.

terri said...


alexis said...

Happy birthday LL!

I do love online banking - I hope it doesn't become a security risk but it is so convenient.

Michael Podolny said...

I need to get more of that adopter attitude. I think I will start by moving from my rotary dial phone to a touch tone one. Sounds pretty daring and as much as I can handle.