Sunday, January 27, 2013

Super Saturday

You asked for them, you got them! Pictures of the baby's room!! Okay, you didn't really ask for them, although I guess at least one person did. Plus my parents want to see them I bet. LL had a chick day where she and a friend went out for mani-pedi's, had dinner at a swank (Michelin rated!) place in the burbs, and took in a movie, so after making us breakfast, I had the day to work on the baby's room. The task involved cleaning out the room, putting down and trimming the rug pad, putting down the rug, assembling the crib, assembling the chair, assembling the shelf and then moving it all into place. That's a day let me tell you. The Hawks were playing at 6, so I wanted to be done by then, but that didn't happen, so I DVR'd the game and started watching around 7 or so.

On to the pictures!

First, the before. Actually, this isn't totally the first before since we had already moved a cabinet and bed downstairs and had done some painting.

The radiator turned out really good. Very happy with the color. Just another before picture though.

And here's the finished closet shelf that I did the other week. I promised to post a picture of it.

And here's the finished product! The chair was refinished (from blue) and will serve as a nursing/sleeping chair. I slept in it for two weeks after shoulder surgery, so you know it's comfortable. Reupholstering it was not cheap, but cheaper than a new chair.

The shelving unit and crib which I assembled. Doesn't seem like much, but tons of pieces and annoying allen wrenches for each. Thank you Ikea.

The crib from the door. The rug is 8x10 and covers a crap load of space!!

LL's parents had painted this monstrosity a month or so ago and I did some finishing touches. It used to be completely dark brown with brass handles. Much more feminine now!

So to reward myself for a good day's work, I broiled a porterhouse with a blue cheese crust on top and made myself a whiskey and ginger ale with which to watch the Hawks game. A very relaxing evening at the end of the day.


terri said...

The room is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of the white pieces. It makes everything look so fresh and open. Good idea to have a comfy chair in there.

Michael Podolny said...

Wow what a transformation. Nice job Joe. And LL got to go to a Michelin rated resto without you bitching about how expensive it was :)

alexis said...

well done. I am still impressed by the fact you even painted the radiator.

That chair looks PERFECT. You will both love sitting in there with your little gem!