Thursday, January 24, 2013

Diet update

As you know I was trying out a gluten free diet (of sorts) since the beginning of the year.  Not much has happened in the way of weight loss though as I've come to the conclusion that I don't really eat too much in the way of gluten (though I was having PB&J for lunch most days) and that my real issue seems to be: 1) need to get back to cardio workouts 2) need to stop snacking while MAKING dinner and 3) just need to eat less in general. My weight has been the same and I mean REALLY the same, to the tenth of a pound (!) for about two weeks. So I'm going to work on the cardio side of things and see what happens.

A dusting of snow hit Chicago today along the lakefront, but nothing major. Tuesday it's supposed to be 55 degrees, so whatever is around then will be gone! Since I had PT yesterday and tomorrow, I was going to just hang out at home today. Ricardo called though and said he had a free ticket to a conference that was going on out by the airport and wanted to know if I wanted to join him. With the cold and little bit of snow going on, it was easy to say no, but the a few of the sessions seemed interesting and talked about the market into which we often sell. So I sucked it up, shaved, changed into worky clothes (dress pants/shirt/jacket) and made the trip. Ricardo and I arrived almost simultaneously so it was great timing to start things off. Lunch was first and was followed by a guy with some interesting info, but he just read the slides. Ugh. That was a tester as far as staying awake. Next up was a panel that discussed forecasts for 2013 and beyond. The consensus was that as long as unemployment is above 6.5% and inflation is in check, the Fed is going to keep interest rates at historical lows and that should be the case until 2015 at least. Interesting stuff.

The last panel was going to be followed by networking time, presentation of companies that are for sale, dinner and the keynote, all of which happened between 3 and 8.  Ricardo and I decided that 3 hours was good enough and bailed to beat traffic. Mission accomplished! It was good to hangout with Ricardo again (we used to work together every day) and we concluded that we need to do that more often.

Radiator painting takes place Friday morning and then I'll be putting together furniture for the baby's room over the weekend. Pictures to follow!

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terri said...

You hear SO much about the gluten-free diet. It might be good for everyone. It might NOT be good for everyone. It can help you lose weight. There's no proof that you'll lose weight. You're probably right in that you just need to have sensible habits to lose a few pounds.