Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cold, cold, cold!

If the sky above you is clear tonight, check out Jupiter and how close it is to the moon. Should be cool.  (Okay, I was supposed to post this yesterday. Hopefully it will still be close!)

No progress on the baby's room this weekend as we're still waiting for the radiators to get painted. Granted, we just picked up the right spray paint on Saturday morning, so hopefully this week that gets done and we can put together furniture. The spray painting could get messy, so we don't want to assemble too much just in case. No pictures yet, but they are sure to come.

The cold weather has landed in Chicago! Bitter, bitter cold with a high of 10 degrees means I'm staying inside without feeling guilty.

On MLK Day, LL and I took in a matinee, Zero Dark Thirty, and got some sushi at our favorite place, realizing that they would be slow due to it being Monday and cold.  When it's slow, we get to talk to the owners more who are pretty nice people. There were only two other tables being occupied while we were there, so we were right. It was tasty and fun!

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alexis said...

oh no - I just looked at the moon today - but no Jupiter. Boo.