Sunday, January 06, 2013

Baby Steps

It was a pretty busy weekend, but most of it took place on Sunday. I'm finding that LL and I will put off until the last "comfortable" minute pretty much anything we can. We won't wait until the LAST minute, just the last minute where as long as things go right, we'll finish in time. So Saturday we met up with our friend Anu and her brother and his friend at The Bongo Room again.  LL hasn't had many cravings at all, but the one she has had is pancakes so we satiated that craving for a bit I hope. After that, we generally didn't do much. In our defense, we were supposed to go over to Smitty's house for their annual 3 Kings celebration, but Smitty was getting over the flu so we were going to meet out. With the prospect of a "real party" off the table, Ricardo, who had been getting over the flu himself and is currently on the wagon until St. Patrick's Day, opted out. Then Bill the Bear's wife, Nadine, hurt her back so they couldn't make it. Party postponed. So as I said, I hit the gym and managed to strain a muscle in my upper back, the very muscles I was trying to work out and strengthen. Ugh.

Oh, Thursday I went to my first "dry needling" appointment. Some softball buddies of mine have done this to help stimulate muscles that have become dormant due to herniated discs.  My first session was fine, but not much progress. We'll see what happens in the follow up sessions.

Sunday, while I was at church, LL took down the Christmas tree decorations. We put a bag on it and I took it to the recycling center over by Wrigley Field. Very smooth and easy. I followed up that trip with starting to cook two racks of ribs. Yum!! They ended up being one of the best batches I've ever made. Awesome.

And finally, we solicited the help of my neighbor, Henning, to move our guest bed and some furniture downstairs to clear out the baby's room. We're at 30 weeks now....only 10 weeks left. LL goes back to work tomorrow and we had two weeks to move all of this stuff downstairs, but waited until today. The last comfortable minute of her vacation.

Speaking of her vacation, it's been awesome hanging out with LL everyday. Can't wait for retirement!!


terri said...

I think you're in good company with that "last comfortable minute" thing. Unless it's something fun and exciting, I'll put it off as long as I can too.

alexis said...

I don't think she's planning on retiring anytime soon though alas?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

No, sadly. :-(