Thursday, January 10, 2013


I went to bed last night and was relatively quickly hit with some shivers. Though I was fully covered and the room was running somewhere in the 70's (along with a humidifier), the shivers didn't stop until I put more clothes on. At the time, I thought it was just cold air from a small window being open in another room.  Alas, it was really me fighting something off.

So this morning rolled around and my nose was running...pretty much from the time I got up until I got coffee later...even in the shower!! With the flu going around, my first thought was that I was getting the flu which has been crushing local area hospitals. But if it is, at least so far, then my flu shot a few months ago maybe is helping to fight off the worst of it. Not sure. Today I'm a little tired, nose stopped running, appetite is good, drinking lots of liquids. It's not too bad. Wouldn't mind a nap, though that's pretty standard.  Just to be safe, I cancelled my physical therapy appointment for this afternoon, just so I wouldn't have to go outside for that long and then go through all that work.

Yesterday, while shopping for my no salt added black beans at Whole Foods, I decided to see what kind of gluten free snacks they carry. The first thing that grabbed my eyes were yogurt covered pretzels! Obviously the pretzels were made out of something other than wheat, but boy did they look delicious. Then there were just the regular gluten free pretzels. And finally, at least for me, popcorn. But not just ANY popcorn. Noooooo, bags of Chicago Mix popcorn: caramel corn and cheese corn mixed. Yum. These guys, G. H. Cretors, make several kinds actually. It seemed to compare very favorably to some of the better known popcorn places in Chicago like Garrett's. Cretors was $2 for 6.5 ounces, or $.31 an ounce. WELL worth it. Garrett's, sold online in 1 gallon containers (the smallest size at least) is $.33 per ounce (with shipping), so it's not a bad deal either. Just had to share this find with you! Delicious!


terri said...

I hope it's just a minor cold and doesn't turn into anything more. Sounds like you're doing all you can to keep it in check.

Michael Podolny said...

I don't know but the combination of caramel corn and cheese corn has never been appealing to me.

alexis said...

I totally forgot you're trying to cut down gluten! Just make sure your pregnant wife isn't denied anything she needs for growing that baby.