Monday, February 04, 2013

Saturday and Therapy

It was a busy, busy weekend.....or at least Saturday. Sunday was busy too I guess, but just in a different way. First, back to Saturday. As we had turned the baby's room into....the baby's room, we had to move stuff.......well...out. Unfortunately a good chunk of it made it to the hallway and no further. So with guests coming over for the big game, even though they are good friends, the crap needed to be relocated or tossed. A good portion of the stuff we earmarked for sale by my parents at a future garage sale to be determined. The rest of it was moved to offsite storage, pitched, consolidated or stored in a closet downstairs.

Then we tackled this wall decal. LL bought it from Etsy and it had about 15 separate pieces that had to be lined up just so.  It took both of us the better part of an hour, maybe longer now that I think about it, to get it all set up. The finished product is pretty sweet though. LL has a great eye for decorating!!

Just another view.

On a separate note, as you recall, I'm going to physical therapy in an effort to help my herniated disc. The interesting part of this set of sessions is that it starts with an extended period of deep tissue work on muscles and "knots" in my upper back.  For this part, my PT uses Graston tools pictured here:

Yeah, the tools are dug into the muscles pretty hard, does lead to some bruising, but in the long run the breakdown of the knots will help stabilize the muscles in a more normal fashion. 

The Graston portion is followed up by dry needling. Dry needling is similar to acupuncture, but they limit the needles to just the impacted areas (so no wrists or feet or other areas).  For me, it's obviously limited to the upper back and neck area, so I had the PT take pictures. You can see the redness from the Graston tools.

After the needling, I go through about 45 minutes of regular physical therapy: lifting weights, stretching tiny muscles, etc, etc. Today I was gone from 1:30-4:30 at PT as I have to take a bus there and back. It was a long afternoon.


alexis said...

wow, that is some progressive PT treatment there! I am impressed and very curious to see if it helps

Michael Podolny said...

Had I known that such decorating of room capability was available, I would have suggested it for the guest room years ago.

terri said...

I LOVE the wall decal! SO darling!

Wow, you're sure getting a workover with the physical therapy. Hope this is what does the trick.

Bee said...

man i didn't realize how pale you are...

Ken said...

Thats Joe? I thought it was a male model !!