Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shower time

It's been some crazy busy days, but I'll try to catch y'all up.

Friday morning, I cook LL breakfast because we had mashed potatoes from a recent visit to my parents' house and LL loves potato pancakes.  But, since she had to wait for me a little to cook breakfast, plus we slept in a bit, I drove her to work.  That meant though that I barely had time to get to my physical therapy appointment, which was pretty grueling again.....but good. Then Friday during rush hour, I picked up LL and we made a 2+ hour trek to Joliet to have dinner with her parents, two aunts and a cousin. They were all in town for the shower on Saturday.

Sub-plot to the week: I received, started using and lost, two styluses. Yes two. A stylus is what you can use to operate your Iphone with your gloves on. They make gloves with which you can operate a smart phone, but while they work well as styluses, they suck as gloves; which is really their primary purpose. So I started using a stylus, which was awesome. Then I lost it, which sucked. Then LL got me another one for Valentine's Day, then I lost it first thing the next morning. LL then ordered me 5 of them which have a tether line that you put into the earphone jack on your phone so you can't lose them. Day one and I still have it!!

Saturday was LL's shower, a very small, family oriented event, and here are a few pics.

My sisters, mom and niece! LL's sister-in-law organized everything and then her husband, LL's brother, got sick and she couldn't make it. She did a great job though. It was at a little place called Jane's, which I've never even driven by, but it was nice. I of course stayed home and watched Swamp People with LL's dad. Ha!

One of the fun/crazy things I've seen as gifts thus far was a diaper cake from my mom. Ha! I moved it out to the car and thought it really was a cake! I was being careful not to mess it up or damage it. Too funny.

LL was really tired afterwards though and we had a glorious day sitting on the couch doing a whole bunch of nothing. We went for dinner at The Bagel, one of our go to locations for soup and comfort food.

Sunday didn't amount to much either as we slept in, again, and I went to get my ice skates sharpened. Oh, did I mention that I get to skate at Soldier Field on Monday? Yep! And I've been skating for years on skates that were NEVER sharpened!! Ha!! I bought them oh...I don't know...6 years ago at a Play it Again Sports, a used sporting goods store in whom I held stock some time ago. Anyway, I just assumed they had been used and were sharpened. Having never owned a pair of hockey skates, I didn't know any different. They worked pretty well, so I thought I was okay. Then I went skating with some people on Thursday and one of the guys said he bought new skates and couldn't skate because they weren't sharpened. He didn't know that he needed to get them sharpened. That made me think....Have I ever had them sharpened. Nope. Doh! Idiot! Anyway, looking forward to skating on REAL skates for the first time.


Bee said...

That was a glorius day in Bucktown!

Michael Podolny said...

LL is definitely looking after you.

Diaper cake? How would have thought.

alexis said...

LL looks beautiful!

You should come back to NL sometime in the winter, plenty of real ice skating to be had.

terri said...

Sounds like a great baby shower! A diaper cake... cute!

I didn't know you COULD even skate on unsharpened skates!Enjoy skating on REAL skates!