Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent for us Catholics. St. Alphonsus' mass schedule wasn't to my liking so I went to Old Saint Pat's church in the west Loop at noon. The priest was very engaging, which isn't always the case, but this guy was pretty good. In his homily, he made the analogy for Lent of a Brita water filter. We are, he proposed, the water going into the upper chamber of the Brita. Lent is the filter itself and the clean water is us at Easter. I like the analogy. Oh, he mentioned he needed a simple analogy to use for the 500 or so school kids earlier that morning and this is what he came up with. I like the analogy anyway. Maybe that doesn't say much about me!

Being Ash Wednesday meant that I had to fast and avoid meat. Lunch was just a yogurt with Grape-Nuts (by the way, where did that name come from??) and breakfast was two halves of paczki's (pronounced punshkies) left over from Fat Tuesday (which I purchased at Glazed and Infused, very awesome). Fortunately I had plenty of energy (in the form of fat cells) to get me through my trip to the gym.

So I hit the store to get some fish-type food for dinner. They had 4 oz lobster tails on sale for $4, so I bought two, had two 6 oz portions of trout and then some smelt, which I cook for an appetizer. Already at home was an acorn squash, so we were good to go! The lobster was outstanding because of the marinade I used. Here's the recipe. It was unbelievably good. We're already figuring out what other types of food it will work with! Scallops and shrimp jumped to the forefront. Yum!


alexis said...

lobster NEVER goes on sale here and indeed isn't widely available to buy, but the dish sounds good!

Michael Podolny said...

I missed paczkis - boo hoo hoo.

You mean in your entire life you've never eaten a grape with a seed in it???? If you had you'd know where the name comes from.

Since it's Lent does that mean it's lobster for me on Wed????

Bee said...

when you come out for Easter you had better be bearing Creme Brulee donuts mister, OMG they looked AWESOME!!!!!