Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skating where the Bears play

There were two hockey games over the weekend at Soldier Field, where the Bears play. They put a rink in over the last few weeks and had various events going on there. One of them was letting people, who acquired tickets, to go skating. Good fun! One of the baristas at my Starbucks got four for Monday afternoon and let me have one.

This is an ice sculpture inside the stadium showing the teams that played.  Office Max was the sponsor and where my barista friend got the tickets (after waiting in line for about 90 minutes).

And there's barista Sara, she couldn't skate due to a back injury, with Tommy next to her and her husband Mike on the far right of the pic. This was the prep room where you put on and take off your skates.

The entrance to the field and rink, with the exit on the left.

 And there's the rink! We had a 45 minute slot to skate and then they would clear the ice and run the zamboni. They went all day, so they were probably able to accommodate 1,000 skaters or so during the day.

The three of us with Soldier Field in the back ground. It was raining a bit when we went out onto the ice, so I put on my softball pullover. I should have brought my Bears pullover that Joisey Ken had bought me. Just wasn't thinking.

Nice cross-over form.

I'm coming to get ya!!

 Picture of my seats! Section 312, on the aisle, last row.

And my other seats from center ice. Section 437, second row from the top.

We'll see if either of these videos post.


Michael Podolny said...

I'm surprised there are no pictures of you putting a cross check one one of those little kids. Got keep your hockey enforcer cred sharp dude.

alexis said...

I love the idea of skating but I find the reality incredibly boring. Round and round and round and round...

terri said...

Looks like good fun! I haven't skated in forever, but my youngest and her friends have gotten back into skating over the past few years. She didn't want figure skates... she wanted hockey skates. She got a hockey stick too! Hockey is the one thing none of my kids played while growing up, so I guess it's a fun hobby now.