Sunday, February 24, 2013

Too long between entries!

It was a busy week last week with ESDNM coming into town late on Tuesday night (11:30) and then leaving Thursday late afternoon. We had to fit our clients into the day and a half of meetings along with a prospect and two lawyers. Busy, busy, busy. Then Thursday evening, LL and I had another baby class for 2 1/2 hours, this one was on caring for newborns, so come Friday, I was pretty beat.

But there was no rest for the weary as LL had an early doctor appointment and ultrasound which I wanted to attend. The baby is now 6 pounds 5 oz and is smack dab in the middle of average for a 36 week 5 day baby (now 37 weeks as of today). The good news from the ultrasound must have relaxed LL as her blood pressure afterwards was the lowest in a few weeks.

Early in the week, LL went on an online baby shopping spree boxes were arriving daily starting Tuesday. Not just one or two and not small either! The mailman had to stretch to reach the mailboxes on both sides of the foyer on Tuesday just to deliver the mail. So now our neat and orderly baby's room is not and we'll be putting stuff away for a little while.

LL's car battery didn't start Saturday, but unlike last weekend, I was able to jump it with my portable emergency battery/tire inflator/outlet/charger box that I keep in my car. She was able to get a new battery at Sears in Joliet as she was visiting her parents and picking up the dog.

So lots of stuff going on, but nothing inspirational to write about here. Hope you had a great week!

Oh wait, congratulations to sister Bee who just got a new job and will be working at Argonne National Labs with her hubby! Very exciting time for her and we're very happy for her!


alexis said...

sounds like you guys are ready to rumble!

Bee said...

Thanks Joe! You and LL RAWK!

Michael Podolny said...

Good news about the baby and congrats to Bee!