Monday, February 11, 2013


Since 1973 our family has gathered to vote on the best Christmas card received by parents that Christmas season. Next Christmas it will be our 40th anniversary of this tradition!! Holy cow. The card LL and I have sent the last two years hasn't qualified because it has family pictures on it, which we don't allow into the competition. Clearly though, they were the best cards of the last two years. Still though, we got together to vote on the OTHER cards that did qualify. It's a good reason to get together and share a meal with the family. The winner, if you recall, receives a letter of acknowledgement from my parents and the picture is framed and hung in the hallway of their home.

The owl card won this year and was sent by my sister Lori. The card below it came in 2nd and was sent by my niece. Their family get's 3 votes and have no qualms about cheating, but this year they actually did send the best two cards, after the card we sent of course.

Yesterday's events were a reminder for me to go through my cards and pick out the best ones that I received.

The top one is from the Bears, as you might suspect. The next one is from my Mokena friends, Terry and Sandie.

These cityscapes are from intellectual property attorneys with whom I actually haven't worked and the second one is from my parents!

And this pooch card is from my sister Bee. Very good card.


alexis said...

do you find over time you are getting less cards?

alexis said...

not that you aren't popular I mean, but just that people in general send cards less!

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Ha! I'm not getting less cards, but my parents were. This year though they got a ton of them again.

terri said...

Some beautiful cards there! Great idea to hang up the winners.