Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Bears are who we thought they were!

The title today is courtesy of LL. It's been a busy few days and I didn't know where to start, so I thought I'd start with today and the Bears. It was a gorgeous day for our tailgate, but the alarm clock went off very, very early. We loaded the car up though and headed to the parking lot to see the Punke clan and a bunch of my friends including Smitty and Bill the Bear who were sitting in our other seats as well as E-money, Jack and Blind Mender. Good fun! We started cooking by 8:30 and had some good food....courtesy of LL. Yep, she did all the prep work on Saturday while I was out golfing with Nick, Smitty and Bill. She made the bacon wrapped shrimp, the guacamole and the peppers/onions mix for the brats. It was awesome because I left for golf at 11 on Saturday and didn't get home until around 9 and the prospect of cooking and doing prep work that late was not appealing.

The Bears won and are 2-2, which is where I thought they needed to be to have a chance to make the playoffs this year. Their competition was stiff the first three games and we could have gone 0-3, but started off with a big win over Atlanta. So at 2-2 with our win over Carolina today, we're in decent shape 1/4 of the way through the season. I could see us going 2-2 in our next four games as well. Then we could go 6-2 in our last 8, which would put us at 10-6 and potentially in the playoffs. We'll see!

Continuing to go back in time, our downstairs carpeting was installed on Wednesday and Thursday. If you've ever had carpet installed, it's very similar to moving: you have to box everything up, put it somewhere else, and then move it back. All of your electronics have to be unplugged, moved, put back and then reconnected. So most of Friday, that's what we ended up doing; moving stuff around. It's a pain, but it was great to have carpeting downstairs again. It's great and we're very happy. We're also adding a closet in the back room, so LL is VERY happy. That project should start later this week and only take a few days to put up.

And an update to the Benny Baseball situation: one of my teammates from last year finally hunted him down at his house on Saturday morning and established contact. Turns out that he's ok, just depressed a bit and down on his luck, but otherwise healthy and such. Avoiding tough conversations, event potentially embarrassing ones, is no way to go through life. Face your problems head on....and with the help of your friends and family.


alexis said...

Love the title. Do people tell you how lucky you are to have LL? ;)

el supremo de nm said...

I tell him! She's pretty awesome. But since she's awesome - not to mention bright and level headed - I suppose we have to assume that Joe has some good qualities too, right?

All seems so illogical based on observation :)

Security word today - hiree

Planning on hiring?

terri said...

The tailgate food sound delicious. I want to tailgate. I just don't want to go to a football game! ;-)

We haven't had new carpet for a few years, but I do remember what an ordeal it is. It's nice to know everything is squeaky clean though!

Glad to hear Benny Baseball is okay. I hope things improve with the help of his friends and family.