Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Writing at the 'Bucks

As we recover from the flood of 6 weeks, has it been that long already?...I've been displaced to the Starbucks for internet access. Today we're getting the carpeting after the drywall has been finished. Today should be it for the carpet and then we move to building a new closet for LL and painting the ceiling. There just wasn't enough time to get all of that done before the carpet came, but that's ok. THEN we can start putting everything away and sorting through our wedding gifts and finding places for those things. Very exciting, but also a bit of work.

So this year, in addition to being married, the Fall is a little different than in the past. For one, I have very little softball on the calendar. So much weekend free time!! On the other side of things though, we're fortunate to have a bundle of good people as friends, most of whom want to have dinner with us. That's awesome, don't get me wrong and I wouldn't have it any other way, but scheduling folks can be time consuming. What a great problem to have!!

This week is flying by with all the work in the condo being done and some longer phone calls (one was 4 1/2 hours!), which is not good as I haven't been able to do stuff that I need to get done. I won't let it interfere with golf though which is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon as well as Saturday. Sunday is the Bears game and Smitty and Bill the Bear will be joining LL and me. Should be fun.

The following weekend I was supposed to have a softball tournament in Vegas, but our team sort of fell apart. Benny Baseball has been MIA for several weeks now and nobody is really sure what he's up to or how he's doing. He's not returning calls or emails and people just want to know if he's ok! His birthday is 9/11 which was the Bears home opener and not only did he bail on that game, he missed the Packer game as well! We're pretty concerned about him and have even had people stop by his house. No luck so far. I'll keep you posted.


el supremo de nm said...

Less softball + more meals with friends = Svelte Joe?

Doubt it :)

terri said...

That's pretty concerning about your friend. Hope he's okay!