Monday, September 12, 2011

Ok, here are some more pics

The wedding day finally arrived and the weather was finally nice with no threat of rain. After a breakfast of Mallorca-egg-cheese-bacon sandwich and Puerto Rican coffee, I lazily went up to the sitting area where the honor bar was located as well as a few computers. Much to my surprise, there was LL!! Oh no!! No, not to worry, apparently seeing the bride before the wedding only counts if she's in her dress, which she wasn't. It was still 5 hours before the wedding and 3 hours until pictures, so she was still in the process of being "made up".

Shortly thereafter, the power went out...again. Arrrrrggghhhhh!! NO WAY!! Yep. But fortunately it only went out for about 15 minutes and then popped back on. No delay in LL getting ready or anything like that. It wouldn't have been our wedding day if the power hadn't gone off!

As the hour approached, I was huddled in a room with my two Better Men, the ushers and readers. It was a nice posse! Other people have a best man, but I had two Better Men (Ricardo and Joisey Ken). Why two and why Better? Two because why do I have to choose? Just because some ancient convention says so? Crap to that. And Better men because my best men are better than your best man and I think of them as better than me in many ways. Just seemed natural to me.

As the time to go out arrived, I wasn't nervous at all. What did I have to be nervous about? LL is awesome and I'm a lucky guy. So here are the pictures. I'll write tomorrow about the ceremony and reception.

This canopy would serve as the backdrop for our vows. The table underneath is where we lit the unity candle and signed our marriage license, in front of everyone as is the custom in Puerto Rico.

Here's the view above the canopy.

Here's a picture of where the 75 guests sat for the ceremony.

The flower girl and ring bearer. LL's sister and Matron of Honor, Linda.

Joisey Ken and Ricardo, probably trying to figure out what they did with the rings.

A great picture of Ken cracking up after I turned to him and said, "You and Rich have been a huge disappointment." No idea what I meant by that, but pretty much anything would have been funny at that moment.

And there's my gorgeous wife-to-be! Obviously she's getting ready to walk down the aisle.

A close-up of LL and her bouquet.

Here LL is saying her vows. She started crying during my vows, which caused me to break down as well. I'm a softie....I know.

Lighting the unity candle and the happy couple being introduced.

Yay us!!!

The table which held the names and table assignments greeted the guests. That leads us to the reception, which I'll cover tomorrow.


alexis said...

oh my goodness you guys do look great! And I love the concept of Better Men. I totally agree, why choose?

el supremo de nm said...

Great pictures. Nice for those of us who couldn't come. I love the ring bearer/flower girl picture.

terri said...

Beautiful setting, beautiful flowers and an especially beautiful bride. You ARE a lucky guy.