Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kayaking and Ziplining

This weekend we headed to Muncie Indiana, about 4+ hours away for a softball tournament in which we needed to participate in order to qualify for Vegas next month. Mission accomplished, but we weren't as successful with a somewhat depleted team, as we would have liked. We went 1-2 and had an early exit. Personally I struggled to get my swing down the first two games, going 3-7 and not really making good contact at all. Before the third game though, I bought a new bat, slightly heavier than the one I've used this year and went 3-4 including a triple and a double. I need to do more of that when we get to Vegas.

Some more pictures post-wedding:

On Monday afternoon we went ziplining at this park.

All geared up, mid-way through the 11 runs we did.

Pictures of LL and I on one of the platforms and a shot of one of the platforms from which we would launch ourselves.

Here's LL displaying good form on the zipline! She was not really jacked about doing this, nor was her mother, but the group had a blast!

This view is from our room at the resort to which we moved on Tuesday. This bay is where we started our bio-bay tour on Sunday night. The picture on the left shows the entrance to the mangrove water-way is on the right side and the bio-bay itself is on the left. So we had to kayak for probably 30 minutes or so to get to the bio-bay. Once there, the water sparkled with life. It was truly amazing. When you disturb the water, with your hand or paddle, the little organisms in the water glow green. It's really cool.

This is the view upon leaving the hotel lobby at the El Conquistador Resort. Pretty nice.

We had lunch down by the ocean one day and had this view. Very pleasant.

One day we went over to Palomino Island, the private island for the hotel to which they run a ferry every 20 minutes or so. We were only going to go for the morning, but we liked it so much we stayed all day! There's a restaurant and plenty of water activities if you choose to partake. We chose to lounge.

We went to an Asian restaurant in the hotel and found a way to beat their ridiculously priced entrees: get an appetizer and split one entree. They have a captive audience as it costs at least $15 to grab a cab off the premises, so they inflated their prices a tad. We never went hungry though and couldn't even finish one entree at the Italian restaurant we visited. Score one for us!

I finally got to go golfing while in Puerto Rico and actually played the course twice. Good fun.

This tree is on the golf course. That's a termite nest on the tree with pathways for the termites to follow up and down and all around the tree. Pretty cool.

I snapped this picture on my way back from golf one day. I believe it's a ginger blossom and was very pretty in the sunlight.

This picture was actually from Old San Juan and it's funny because it's raining outside (this was the day after we got down there I believe) and the cat is taking shelter. We were also taking shelter, huddled under umbrellas and trying to get cell reception nearby. Not the highlight of the trip by any stretch.


alexis said...

wow, evem ll's mom was persuaded to zip line? good fun!

el supremo de nm said...

If you hadn't said otherwise, I would have thought LL was a ziplining pro!

terri said...

At first I thought ziplining sounded amazing. Then you mentioned LL not being thrilled and I remembered my fear of heights. I wonder if that fear would kick in while ziplining?

Beautiful photos, beautiful views!