Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to normal?

Not much else to say about the wedding events and the time in Puerto Rico. Now it's back to the reality of day-to-day living and crazy temperature swings in Chicago, at least crazy relative to the stable temps in Puerto Rico.

Our downstairs area is still torn up, but things are looking up. While in PR, we had Manual Labor Mike put in two curbs to block future overflowing drains from flooding the basement. The one we had MLM do previously, held tight during the flood. The two curbs we added were in the entryway to the boiler room and in the downstairs shower. There was already a smaller curb in the shower as you would expect, but now it's a super structure!

The rest of the replacement work starts today, but in earnest tomorrow. The drywaller is coming in to begin replacing the drywall and then the carpet, which has already been ordered, will be installed. Hopefully the drywall can be finished by early next week and the carpet laid by the end of the week. We'll see.

Last night we had dinner with a very pregnant friend, Carol and her husband John, with whom I played softball up to last year. Carol is ready to pop at any minute....ANY minute. Next Monday they go in and take the little fellar out if he doesn't come out naturally by then. Unfortunately, at the end of the evening, LL got really sick. We headed home quickly and she was in bed within minutes. She's doing a little better today, which is good news.


el supremo de nm said...

It's no wonder she got sick with going back and forth to Asia and then no time for recuperation.

Glad that the basement is getting back to normal. That has had to be a royal pain.

Bee said...

awwwww...hope you feel better soon LL.

hey why don't you have indoor/outdoor carpeting put in??


alexis said...

your posts remind me how much work being a home owner can be. We are still renting but we hope to make the switch soon. The market is terrible right now though.

terri said...

You're back to normal and I'm so far behind I haven't even caught up on wedding posts. Working on it though! Hope to be all caught up soon.

Sorry to hear LL got sick. No fun.