Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little more time tonight than last night as we went out to see the in-laws for dinner. It was a nice visit but we got home late.

So where did I leave off? Let me check...ahhhh, wedding day! This is going to be good!

The day really started where Friday ended, with Ricardo dragging me, the Cliffords and my brother-in-law Greg, to the bar across the street where I ended up playing some non-English speaking, toothless, potentially homeless Puerto Rican in pool. It was supposed to be Ricardo, but next thing you know I'm playing this guy. After one game and a beer, we left. My memory is fuzzy as to what happened next, whether we went back to the pool or whether I went to my room. Yes, it was just MY room as LL worked out in our contract that she would get the bridal suite for both Friday AND Saturday night so we would sleep apart on Friday night. Yours truly was none to happy about that idea, but I acquiesced. Plus she was getting her hair done and all sorts of girlie things were going to happen early in the morning.

You know what? I just looked at the photo sharing site we have set up and there are now 607 pictures up! I'm going to copy some of them from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner first and get to the wedding tomorrow. What a tease!!!

Obviously LL and me and then my mom and me as I practice walking her down the aisle.

Joisey Ken walking LL's sister Linda and Ricardo walking with my niece, Sommer.

LL's father practicing giving away LL.

Taking instructions from the minister we used.

Rehearsing the vows.

Rehearsal dinner time!

LL's uncle, aunt and cousins. No, the uncle doesn't ever smile.

LL and her mom. Her mom did a great job helping out.

LL's sister and bro in-law. My cousin Mike and his wife Kendal, who took a ton of pics too!

My sister Lori and my mom.

Me and my sister Bee.

Me with Smitty and his wife Beth. We had a great time with them!

Laura with one of her best friends Nicole and her husband Ben.

The Groom's Cake! Yep, that's Homer! It was carrot cake and it was delicious.

Those are mojitos and yes they were delicious and they led to......

....surprise, surprise....Ricardo leading me in a dance after the Flamenco dancers took off after a brief appearance. You can see how this night was going to end up the way it did!

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alexis said...

oh my gosh, how beautiful does LL look!! Wow, you are a lucky man. You guys are gonna produce some handsome lookin' kids ;) .

And it looks like everyone had a great time, I love rehearsal dinners! They don't do it in the UK but I really wanted one at ours and it was wonderful. Everyone got some time to chat and get to know each other.