Sunday, September 11, 2011

So where are the wedding pictures already?

Ok, here's the deal, it was a bears home game today (the season opener in fact) which meant tailgating. Which meant yesterday(Saturday) was spent preparing for the tailgate, which I had to do all by myself since LL is in Hong Kong.

Oh, did I not mention that? Yeah, LL bailed on her new husband and headed to Hong Kong for a meeting. Granted, I could have gone with her, but she was flying business class so I would have had to shell out who knows how much money for a ticket AND miss the home opener. Plus we would have stayed longer than just until Thursday and we were already gone for two weeks recently if you recall.

In addition to doing all the shopping, cooking and car loading and unloading by myself on Saturday, I had an electrician in to fix a nagging problem down stairs. For my 900 square foot plus basement, one outlet was on one circuit breaker and everything else was on another circuit breaker. This meant that whenever LL used the hairdryer while the television and computer were on, the circuit would trip and cut power. Not good. So a sub contractor for a friend of mine spent 8 hours with an assistant running wires and rewiring breakers, which meant no computer for Joe. Now we have the outlets on four breakers and all should be good once he comes back to finish the final touches (he left at 8 p.m.). It took a few hours just to figure out where all of the lines were splitting off from and it turned out to be an electrical box buried in the ceiling, which resulted from sub standard work done by non-licensed contractors (who were inexpensive).

ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, LL and I went to a wedding on Friday evening of my good friend and Bears co-fan, Doug. His father has the seats right next to mine at Soldier Field and we've become good friends over the years. Doug's bachelor party was up in Wisconsin a few weeks ago and I attended.

So anyway, it's been a busy few days and I'll work on uploading the pictures tomorrow!


alexis said...

okay, that's a decent excuse but we want photos tomorrow, no more delay!

el supremo de nm said...

And the Bears came up good in game 1!