Friday, October 28, 2011

Further over indulgence courtesy of ESDNM

Ok, maybe he's not SOLELY to blame, but I think he's mostly to blame. Dinner on Thursday was at our favorite sushi because 1) I'm not sure if ESDNM has been there 2) it's BYOB and 3) it's good sushi!! Minnie and Eric are the hosts and they were there with their added help, Harry, who is just as nice as they are.

Unfortunately the pictures aren't all that great:

We went with two bottles of wine for the three of us and ESDNM forced me to finish one of the bottles with him. LL had maybe a fourth of the other bottle. We brought the rest of that bottle home for drinking tonight!

See what I mean by not great pictures? I kind of forgot until all the food was gone!!! Doh! Thought the empty plates left the food up to your imagination at least.

And I forgot this picture from Irazu, the Costa Rican restaurant we went to on Wednesday. They only take cash!! A vital piece of info if you're in the Logan Square hood and want to eat there.

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alexis said...

I wish I had your problem! Especially the BYOB problem.