Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

It's the two month anniversary of my marriage to LL!!! Actually, right around now the ceremony was ending and.....oh wait, that was EASTERN time, so I guess it wouldn't have started yet. Anyway, today is the day and it was clearly the best thing I've done with my otherwise marginal life. :-)

Since the reconstruction of our downstairs has been completed, we've been able to move stuff back downstairs and then cleaned out old items to be replaced by wedding gifts (and in some cases just got rid of old stuff). I have to tell ya, it's nice to have new pots, pans, knives and glasses. This week I also started using our new bath towels. Awesome. Interestingly enough to my readers I'm sure is that I was really excited to use our new iron! And use it I did this week. Good stuff. Very happy with it!! Last night I told ESDNM about using all the new stuff and he said I should get married again!! Hmmmmm, nah.

We still haven't even put all of the gifts away yet, much less spent the gift card money. We're hoping to get those things done over the next month so our house is going to be even more awesome!!!


alexis said...

And just think, you can pass on your good quality stuff to folks in need.

We had a rather lack luster 1 year anniversary - just remember that if you're thinking of working on kiddos straight away!

el supremo de nm said...

Remember to NOT use dryer sheets on your new bath towels. When we bought ours a few years ago the sales person told us that the chemical in the drier sheets builds up and makes cloth less absorbent. A few years later of religiously following that and we have found it to be true!