Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weather and Golf

Since just about the beginning of October, the weather in Chicago has been awesome. If I'm not mistaken, I read the other day that we had 10 or 11 consecutive days of cloudless skies....cloudless!! They were awesome days let me tell you. It was the longest streak in 75 years or something ridiculous. Couldn't have been happier!

Last week, I took a golf lesson courtesy of a Christmas gift from LL. I've taken lessons before, several in fact. Over the years I've had a video tape lesson with a pro from a country club to which I belonged. I also took a three day videotaped lesson out in San Diego where I hit about 1,200 balls. It was fun and my swing was broken down at that time. Well, in the 5 or 6 years, since that weekend, I've really regressed apparently. I shouldn't say that actually as this pro, Gabe at Golf-tec, started with my grip, specifically my left hand. In all of my other lessons, I've only worked on my right had and how it held the club, so this was interesting. The video lesson was even more hi-tech than in the past (as you might expect from 5 years ago) and my swing had issues on top of my bad grip.

My alignment was all pointed left (shoulders and feet mostly) and my grip and swing plane were pointing right. The result was relative inconsistency, especially with my driver, but it was disguised by swing adjustments that I would make through athleticism, not proper form. So when I inevitably got tired, or started off tired, my shots would go astray. Gabe said in ten years when I was less athletic, I would barely be able to play the game with my current swing. We'll see how I do after this weekend when Joisey Ken comes into town and we golf at least twice. It could be a big mess, but there's some of that to be expected anytime you change your swing. Regardless, I'll be golfing and hanging with Ken, so it's all good!!


alexis said...

it just goes to show, you have to keep up with training to ensure you remain sharp. I think that holds for much more than golf of course.

Eric H. said...

Heh...... Kim and I have regular lessons with Gabe.

Golftec is awesome in the winter.

el supremo de nm said...

Right on Alexis!