Sunday, October 23, 2011


Boy am I terrible at writing recently. Why might you ask? Well, a combination of a lot of work, work on the condo, Ken's visit and......I'm not sure what other reasons.

Yesterday I did play softball though! First time playing in about a month or so. It was fun as we had sort of a reunion with guys who played on the team 5+ years ago. We went 1-2 for the day, obviously not good, but had fun. Our first game hinged on two plays: one of our outfielders went back on a fly ball and had it hit off his glove and go over the fence for a 3-run, 4 base error, and the second play was a one out bases loaded double play hit into by one of our best players. We ended up losing 16-11 and those two plays were at least 5 runs.

We crushed our second team 26-6 and lost the third game something like 18-15 or something. For the day I believe I was 8-10 getting on base (2-3, 3-4 and 3-3), so I had a good day at the plate.

Even though I told LL she in no way had to come out for the games, much less the mid 40's start to the day at 8 a.m., she did indeed come out like a trooper and fortunately the temperature got up to almost 70 for her comfort. Awesomely, there were about 6 or 7 wife/girlfriend fans there along with a few of their kids too! Good stuff.

LL has been on an unprecedented cooking streak!! This week she cooked a great chicken dish and followed it up with stuffed peppers, which we ate two nights in a row. Tonight she topped it all off with glazed pork chops and a side dish of apples, pears and brussel sprouts in a sweet sauce. They were all very good!! She was a little hesitant about the peppers after I told her that I loved stuffed peppers and that my mom cooked them all the time growing up. LL's were delicious too!!

ESDNM comes into town this week for work, so that means over eating and over drinking....basically over consuming. Bad ESDNM....bad!!


el supremo de nm said...

Fortunately for me you can't virtually role up a newspaper and give me a whop across the nose...HAH!

Also never hear you say NO to any of my consumption ideas.

Don't forget over working too.

terri said...

40s and softball. Brrr! Too cold!

I need some of LL's cooking enthusiasm. If I don't have something in mind before I leave for work, it doesn't happen. I need to plan menus better!

And I think you're entitled to some overindulgence now and then, especially where food and ESDNM are involved. I'm looking forward to hearing about your culinary experiences this time around.