Monday, June 01, 2009

Uneventful/very eventful day

Continuing my theme of contradictory titles, I submit my day of nothing, in which a lot happened.

Through out my blog, there are many references to Benny Baseball. He's 26, plays on my softball team, goes to about half the Bears game with me, and has been a friend since he was 18. Along Andy the Sausage King, they are two of the better people I know. Benny organized the team that went down to Troy this weekend (about a 5 hour drive). After our last game on Saturday, he also organized the trip to the St. Louis bars, of which Lovely Laura and I opted out.

Unfortunately, Benny lost his keys somewhere along the way. Not good. Five hours away and no car keys AND it's Sunday. His insurance agent tried to reach a locksmith for 45 minutes, but couldn't get one to pick up the phone, much less meet Benny. Since he had a spare key at home, he thought he could at least save the $250 new car key fee by heading home in someone else's car. So he did. And he couldn't find the spare key.

So now he's five hours away from his car with no key to get into it. Of course now he's wishing he just stayed down there another day for $90 at the hotel and got a locksmith to make a new key....but that wasn't an option anymore. After checking into buses (a 15 hour mess of driving) and an expensive/time consuming/unreachable train to St. Louis, he was pretty well screwed.

Monday morning he went to the dealership and got a replacement key. Half of the problem solved. Then we confirmed, which I had mentioned Sunday night, that I would be willing to drive him down if he needed me to. And so we did. I left this morning just before 10 and got back home slightly after 8. Ten hours of driving and 575 miles.....I'm pretty tired now. That's a long trip after just having driven it on Friday and Sunday.

So not much really happened today, but I drove a lot!


dejesusFreak said...

Geez this story sounds familiar. Glad it turned out ok for Benny, and kudos on your stepping up to help.

terri said...

I really need to come up with more creative names for my family members and friends when it comes to writing about them on the blog. The only one with a half-way creative name is P.U. Dave (Poor Unsuspecting Dave) who has also been known lately as Preacher Dave and most recently, The Rev. Need to pick one and stick with it.

Poor Benny. I'll bet you anything now that he's gone to all this trouble, that spare key turns up.

alexis said...

that sucks about the keys indeed!

stef said...

What a good friend you are!

el supremo de nm said...

Crap sounds totally unpleasant. Good for you to help him.