Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Latest on my shit list

The Chicago White Sox. Their May 6th night game, to which I had four tickets, was rained out. No problem, I thought, I'll just exchange them for another available game. Nope. The tickets are ONLY GOOD for the make up game on Monday June 8th......during the day!! Yep, a 1:05 start. Nice. Any other time I've had a rainout to a sporting event you've always had the option of a refund or exchanging the tickets for another day. Not with the White Sox apparently. Unbelievable. So now I have to find two other people to go to a day baseball game with on a Monday (one of my guests lost their ticket). That shouldn't be too hard right? F*$#ing idiot Sox.

On a positive note, I downloaded a pretty cool app for my iPhone. It allows me to set my DVR through my phone!! Awesome. And I have two DVRs, so I can program either of them with the phone. That things gets better and more indispensable every day I own it.


stef said...

That is a way cool app! That is totes lame about the sox. And kind of ridiculous. I mean, I doubt they're selling out every game.

el supremo de nm said...

Given how poorly the Sox are playing they should be paying you to go to their games.