Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heart checks out.

Turns out the reason why the doctor hasn't called me is because I had an appointment with him on Friday. Unfortunately, I was not aware of said appointment, so I had to cancel. The next available appointment is in late July! I told the nurse that called me about the appointment that I could be dead by then!! She chuckled, but not heartily enough and it left me a bit uncomfortable regarding the conversation's direction. However, the nurse told me that everything is fine and that there were no parts of my heart not getting sufficient blood.

Unfortunately, there's not much else to report. The nurse iterated that the next step, should I decide to go further, would be to start taking beta blockers. Short of taking the beta blockers, there isn't much for me to do. The abnormal firing could go away on its own, or something could possibly make it worse. If that happens, then I should make another appointment.

So there you go, a lot testing and not much in the way of answers, other than eliminating some things.

Went golfing today and played terribly in the rain......and when it wasn't raining. I did putt a little better though, so I'm hanging my hat on that positive. We were playing at a country club down south called Midlothian Country Club. Very nice place and I would have taken pictures, but it was raining.


alexis said...

so glad to hear there isn't anything immediately wrong with your ticker, but it is distressing to not know it for certain.

I guess nothing when it comes to health is completely certain.

stef said...

I can't believe you played golf yesterday! Too bad it is not today when the sun is at least shining.

el supremo de nm said...

Agreement with Alexis - so much related to health seems to be just accepting and dealing with it.

terri said...

I'm sure it's frustrating that there's not a real black & white answer. On the other hand, the news could have been much, much worse.