Monday, June 22, 2009

Too much going on

The days leading up to any trip are usually pretty hectic and the last few days have been no exception for me. Though I guess Saturday was really just about softball, so it's been more about yesterday and today. Ok, maybe just today and the anticipation of what still has to be done before Wednesday.

Sunday was a fun day that started off like many Sundays, with me going to church. Then it took a drastic turn as I headed downtown for the Nordstrom's 1/2 Yearly Men's Sale. Several years ago I went to one of these sales and found a lot of good deals and have wanted to go back, but missed them, usually due to softball. For some reason I never hear about the OTHER 1/2 yearly sale. Maybe they don't even have one. Anyway, I went in hopes of finding some nice casual shirts and shorts. And find them I did. Four pairs of shorts and five shirts......all for a lot of money.

It was interesting in that I would NEVER pay the price Nordstrom's charges for any article of men's clothing. Tommy Bahama shirts for $125. Insane. But lower the price to $75 and I think I should buy it. Of course, try to sell me a $75 shirt at Eddie Bauer and I'll tell you to go to hell. There just aren't a lot of shirts worth that my mind. So I found myself in that trite comic-like situation that is usually reserved for the Blondies of the world where they are carrying bags of stuff and telling their husband how much they saved. All he sees is how much she spent. I was both people!!

Hopefully I'll be able to post while I'm in Detroit. I'm not going to bring my computer, but I'm sure they have the internet there......ok, I'm not THAT sure, but I'm hopeful. Tuesday is going to be packed with work, packing and softball in the evening, but I'll work in a post before I go.


stef said...

Now, that's a sight i would like to see! ;) Have fun in Detroit!

el supremo de nm said...

Come on - Couldn't Lovely Laura have played the Dagwood role?

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

She kind of did ESDNM. She's convinced she can find Tommy Bahama at Marshall's for a lot less.

DogBrian said...

Tell Lovely, TJMaxx!! ;-) Safe travels!!