Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Chair Acquired

Friday I head to Vegas for a softball tournament, return on Monday and then have surgery on Tuesday. Because of the tight schedule, I needed to resolve my potential sleeping issue quickly. If you're not familiar with rotator cuff surgery, sleeping is often a problem; a problem resolved by sleeping in a recliner or with lots of pillows propping you up in bed. The pillow solution, according to accounts on the web as well as from my doctor, doesn't always work well.

So I went onto Craigslist, as well as doing several searches for rentable recliners, and found this chair for $150. It's super comfy and I can just sell it again in 6 weeks if I want. Nice!


alexis said...

I miss craigslist. Oh and a car to pick this sort of stuff up.

el supremo de nm said...

Soooo much better than the Bears chairs.

Good luck with the surgery!

terri said...

Looks very comfy! Enjoy the tournament and I hope the surgery goes well.