Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Day

My days are somewhat more interesting than you might think even though I have a bunch of rehab and icing to do on a daily basis. Well, maybe they aren't actually. Guess I'll let you make the call.

Today, which started at 7 a.m. for me, LL wrapped my shoulder before she headed out to work so I could shower. Showering and drying with one hand is an issue, but I succeeded. My clothes are still limited as I can really only get into either baggy clothes or button up shirts (which are only dress shirts for me). Then I had to get dressed (in coat, gloves and shoes) and head down to Starbucks. It was another freezing day in Chicago, but I managed. It's surprisingly difficult to get dressed and undressed, and the additional clothing required because of our lousy weather doesn't help.

After an hour on my passive motion machine and an hour of ice (while I watched an episode of Barney Miller and the movie Kite Runner), followed by some time on the computer, I headed out to lunch where I ran into Eric, who is a....what are we Eric?.....almost business associates??.....something like that, but he also reads my blog. It's just crazy to run into someone out of context like that. Here I am focused on getting to and from my lunch spot without freezing or losing feeling in my right hand, and there is someone I know.

Post lunch brought more time on the PMM followed by ice (where I watched a Nova special on Lizard Kings-Monitor Lizards) and the start of addressing my Christmas cards. One more trip outside for afternoon coffee, stamps and a refill on my vicodin and that was it: in for the rest of the day.

After a small dinner, there was another session on the PMM followed by ice all while I watched Pelham 123, the remake of the movie from the 60's or 79's with Walter Mathieu. Pretty good.

Now LL is back over and we'll watch some tv while I ice my shoulder a little more, then early to bed.

So did I have an interesting day? Well, it was fairly entertaining and productive for rehab AND I ran into Eric. So there you go!!


terri said...

Sounds good to me! And you have a very valid excuse for all that t.v. and movie watching. I'm actually very impressed with the fact that you're so mobile and you're able to work on Christmas cards. Again, you'd have a great excuse NOT to do cards this year.

Eric H said...

"It's just crazy to run into someone out of context like that. "

I'm actually surprised it took as long as it did. I moved into Lakeview April 1, and I work from home, so I'm often out and about during the day hitting the same local joints you do.