Friday, December 18, 2009

Those were the days?

Did you know the Joe who didn't own a cell phone and refused to get one? How about the Joe that had a cell phone, but never had it on? People mostly thought I was a bit of a loon for not being reachable 24/7, but that's how I liked it. My phone was for MY use and MY convenience. It wasn't for the benefit of others. The phone plans I had were mostly a small $15 monthly fee and then pay as you go for usage.

And now I have an Iphone with a $125 a month bill, which I happily pay. How did this come about? Technology. For me, technology finally got to the point where the phone speedily allowed me to do things other than just answer and make phone calls. It allowed me to access my email and the internet as well as find the nearest Starbucks or give me directions when I'm lost. So it's not just a cell phone for me, it's a portable computer.

Just a thought I had as my phone bill came in yesterday. It'll be paid today.


terri said...

I have a friend and coworker who still has yet to ever own a cell phone. And she's perfectly happy that way.

Not me. The more technology, the better.

Stephanie said...

I too was late to the cel phone game. And before my iphone had no texting ability or anything. but i am way happy on the other side.

el supremo de nm said...

It is so heart warming to see how people rationalize various decisions in their life :)