Monday, December 21, 2009

Return to the past.....again

First, can I tell you that Showtime is absolutely lousy? Direct TV set me up with 3 months free and there are about 15 channels in the package. The best thing on there has been four year old re-runs of Arrested Development. The movies are horrible!!!

The other day at Starbucks a barista asked me if I had seen Juno. Immediately I knew where she was going. Yes, there is some resemblance between me and the father in Juno, JK Simmons.

Some day I'm going to go to an autograph session of his and see if people ask him if he knows that he looks like Joe Sutton. :-)


Stephanie said...

LOL! you at least have to get a pic with him.

terri said...

I LOVED that movie! So much that I bought it last weekend and have watched it over and over. The dialogue in that movie is SO funny!

That guy - whatever his name is - plays the midwest middle class dad to a T. My favorite line of his is when Juno's trying to tell him she's pregnant and he says, "What is it? Did you hit someone with the Previa, June Bug?"

terri said...

And yeah, you do look like him, but much younger.

alexis said...

lol, make sure you charge if you get asked for an autograph

el supremo de nm said...

Ya you look like him but you look drunk :)