Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brief update

Far too long since my last post, but it was a busy weekend. We did get to have dinner at two of our favorite places over the last four days, Sapori Trattoria and Rollapalooza, so we didn't do so well on the weight reduction side of things.  I did briefly dip down to 184.1 yesterday, but spiked up after sushi and wine at Rollapalooza last night. Last Friday, we enjoyed a very nice Italian dinner with Mokena Terry and Sandie. They are good fun to hang out with and we ate too much. Oh well.

Our wedding album is done!! Holy crap does it look awesome. Here's the cover, but the pictures inside steal the show. Unfortunately I couldn't do them justice with my phone. They are glossy and go seamlessly across the binding in places and to the edges of the pages in other. Just an awesome book to remind us of an awesome day.

Time for pictures of Marissa!

Here she is post bath on her changing table. So cute when she's getting toweled off with her ducky blanket.

LL and Marissa heading out for a walk!
 Marissa sitting up her high chair with a cute look on her face.


alexis said...

so sweet! And congrats on losing the weight!

terri said...

I think wedding albums have come a long way. Yours sounds amazing. Mine is just one of those traditional kind with a slot in each page for one or more photos.