Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Catching up

So much going on this past week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had three separate tournaments, one each day, and played 12 games in total. Saturday night was the Bears practice at Soldier Field which I also attended, so it was a pretty crazy weekend. Then ESDNM arrived Monday around noon so we had client calls for the next day and a half. Very busy.

The work meetings went well and softball went pretty well. Though I struggled hitting on Friday and Saturday, I started off on Sunday going 9-10. In games 5 and 6 on Sunday though, I went 1-6, so I guess I finally got tired, though I did hit the ball hard on a few of those outs. Anyway, due to a bunch of factors, softball on the weekends may be done for me for the rest of the year. More on that later.

Everyone knows I love LL and here's just another reason why:

Each morning before she goes to work, she'll put out multiple bibs that match or go with what Marissa is wearing that day. How awesome is that? 

The evidence.

LL started taking Marissa to the swings across the street and she seems to really enjoy them. 

But it's hard to tell because she's usually very smiley!

That said, I somehow managed a not smiling picture. I thought the "little black dress" outfit was cute.

Back to smiles!

Of course with ESDNM in town, there was excessive eating. It started at The Bagel, a traditional Jewish deli and then dinner was at Sun-Wah, a Chinese bbq restaurant (food is pictured above). On Tuesday I was better though as I had a Jenny Craig breakfast and lunch, before being joined for dinner by Ricardo at Mirabel's, a German restaurant near Ricardo's new apartment. 


alexis said...

awww, smiles do make the outfit, don't they?

terri said...

I know how much you love softball, so I'm sorry to hear your playing days may be over for the year.

Marissa is getting so big! And her smile is adorable!

Michael Podolny said...

It was so wonderful to meet Marissa in person. What a sweetie :) But you knew that. And I love watching the two of you with her. It is lovely to watch truly loving parents.

And thanks to LL for suggesting Sun Wah! What a great place.