Thursday, August 15, 2013

So far behind!

Haven't had much time to read or write a blog! Here are some pics though:

Game day for Marissa! Go Bears!!!

My niece, Sommer, at her birthday party at Sapori. 

LL out with Marissa!

Our August wedding calendar shot. Our anniversary is coming up!

Little Marissa turned 5 months!

And a picture of us on the swings. I do NOT like the way I look here....almost like I'm handicapped or something. Not good.


alexis said...

I love the picture of you both on swings, you do not look like an invalid at all!

ADORE the end zone onsie. That is fantastic. May have to try to get one while we are in the US...

terri said...

Marissa looks like such a good natured baby. She's got the biggest, cutest smile!

You look skinny in that last picture. I would think you'd love that one!