Friday, August 16, 2013

Weight Loss Myths Debunked

The other day I came across this article regarding some debunked diet thoughts. I found it really interesting because almost every single diet I've investigated has said 1) eat a good breakfast (most important meal of the day) and 2) smaller, more frequent meals to keep your metabolism going. They are two of the main principles of Jenny Craig, which has been hugely successful for me. That said, the OVERRIDING message from Jenny is calorie intake versus calories spent. Still, the article was pretty surprising to me. 

On a non-diet related topic, Bears season is upon us!! Had our first tailgate yesterday starting at 3 and I didn't get home until 11. That's a long day my friends. And I did not do well diet wise. I did not show restraint on the consumption side of things at any point during the day, though I did end up only having 5 beers (only 1 AT the actual game) as I was feeling a bit tipsy. Sobering up for 3 hours with water was the ticket though. In the end, at least the next morning, I had gained less than a pound, so maybe I didn't do as badly as I thought. 

This picture is from our 16-2 over 40 team this year. We finished first and got a huge-ass trophy, so that was cool. The top two teams got moved up a level for the playoffs where we won our first game (against two guys my high school class) and a bunch of younger guys. Then we lost a close one against the #2 40 and over team and lost our last game as well (11-1 if I'm not mistaken as the team was too old to play three games in one night). It was a fun season though!


alexis said...

hah! I just read a study that shows that eating breakfast IS important to losing weight.

Also important for your kid to eat a good breakfast:

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Fascinating! What can we believe anymore? It's good for you, it doesn't matter, it's actually bad for you....jiminy.

Michael Podolny said...

It is one of the keys to good health...don't change. Just wait until they reverse opinions and you're in the right again!

Where does one put such big ass trophy?