Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Softball win and a tough loss

Over the weekend my softball team had a big tournament down in Joliet, very near where LL's parents live. Though I got stuck in traffic on the way down there and was almost late for the first game, I hit well and the team did outstanding going 5-0 to win the tournament. It's good to be playing well at this time of year as the big national tournaments are just around the corner. 

But all was not great as we had to make the tough decision to put down LL's dog of 14 years, Molly. Yes, she could be a pain in the ass some times, but there were plenty of good times too. In the last year or so she really went downhill being unable to move well, bark and developed some OCD combined with going to the bathroom in the house far too often. During one stretch we even had doggie diapers on her, but her OCD wouldn't let that stand. 

I'll remember her as a feisty dog who would go after any other dog while she was a leash, regardless of size and temperament. If left to her own devices in the wild, she wouldn't have lasted a day. She was also fun to play with as she ran around the house or in circles as fast as her little paws would take her. Sure, her breath smelled like ass (a product of poor teeth not uncommon in her breed) and, when groomed and wet, looked much like a T-Rex victim, but she was a pretty good pooch and she'll be missed.


Bee said...

Awww..sorry for your loss's always hard to lose a pet...

terri said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of Molly. It's such a tough decision to say goodbye, especially when your pet has been with you as long as she was.