Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just some pics today

Just a few pictures today and a short movie. The 11th was Marissa's 4 month birthday which she spent flying to San Diego with her mom and grandma. LL had to go for work and wanted to bring Marissa. Babysitting for six days didn't excite me too much, especially when it's summer in Chicago, but LL's mom was more than happy to go. 

Marissa's first flight went very well and she hardly made a peep! She's such a good baby!!

Styling in Cali.

She decided it was time to make some noise. She's going to be a talker I fear.


Michael Podolny said...

I'm sooooo looking forward to meeting the little frequent flier!

alexis said...

what a smiley girl!

Bee said...

I'd rather have a talker than a quiet one, you will always have funny stories to tell with a talker.

terri said...

I can really see the resemblance to you in the video!