Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Fourth!

It's been a while since I posted some Marissa pics so here they are...along with a video!

This is when she had figured out how to roll over, but wasn't comfortable putting her head down. Now she rolls over onto her stomach (can't roll back yet) and is fine with putting her head down for a bit.

We took the little sweetie out on a walk. Since it was sunny, LL insisted every square inch of Marissa be covered by cloth. We have the whitest baby on the planet.

I just wanted to capture a little film of Marissa waking up in the morning being cute. This seems to do the trick!  BTW, last night she slept all night until LL woke her up at 7. LL has a little schedule worked out now on work days where she gets up at 6, showers and has breakfast, wakes up Marissa at 7, feeds her and they play until a little after 8 or so when Marissa is ready for a nap. Then LL takes off for work. Normally Marissa will nap for an hour or two, but today she slept for 4!!! 8-12!! Sweet.

LL and I are still losing weight, though it seems to be getting more difficult, at least for me. I'm down to 190 now, briefly going under 190 the other day. Getting to 185 might prove more difficult, but we'll see. 18 pounds and far, so good!


alexis said...

awww, loved the video! look at them little legs going all over the place. And hurrah for sleep, that's awesome.

terri said...

Aw, look at how cute she is, being all squiggly and squirmy and happy to see you!